JWAC's 2018-2019 Season #36:
(Events are added all year, so check back often.)

Place and time details are determined as events approach, and events are added to the schedule throughout the season. Check back often for new information, and be sure to join our e-mail notifications list to receive regular updates. You can also (sometimes) find us on Facebook.

JWAC board meetings are typically the second Tuesday of the month at 5:00 at the KTOO conference room. You are welcome to attend!

'The UK’s Low Carbon Economy: Opportunities and Challenges' with Reem Yusuf

Thursday | February 28th | 5:00 | KTOO Studios: @360

Reem serves as a Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as Energy and Climate Attaché to the British Consulate General in San Francisco. In this capacity, she manages the UK's energy and environmental diplomacy across the Western US, focusing on state and federal policies, cutting-edge technologies, and market forces shaping innovation, regulation, trade, and investment. Prior to that, she was part of the UK Department for International Trade based in San Francisco, where she was tasked with cultivating US-UK trade and investment activities between major technology corporations.

She will talk to us about the UK's Industrial Strategy, presenting a long-term plan to boost prosperity and putting the UK at the forefront of future industries. At the heart of the plan is the transition to a low carbon economy, which presents numerous industrial opportunities. This talk will explore both the opportunities and challenges associated with the transition.

'The Democracy for All Amendment' with Jeff Clements

Monday | March 18th | 5:00 | KTOO Studios: @360

Former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clements is the president of American Promise, a "fast-growing, cross-partisan network of Americans executing a strategy to win an amendment to the United States Constitution to address the dominant influence of concentrated wealth in elections and government and to ensure that all of the American people are equal citizens in our republic." Jeff is the author of the 2014 book 'Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations.'

American Promise has helped spur the introduction of the Democracy for All Amendment, which "affirms the right of Americans to enact in our communities, states and Congress laws to regulate spending in elections, reversing the concentration of political influence held by the wealthiest Americans, large corporations, big unions and special interests that have spent billions of dollars in recent elections. This amendment will guarantee and help deliver on the most important right American citizens have in our political system—the equal right of every American to representation, regardless of wealth."

World Affairs Forum 2019: 'Modern Journalism: The Role of News Media in a Changing World'

March 29 & 30, 2019| UAS Egan Lecture Hall

Mark your calendars! The 2019 forum on media is still being developed. If you have ideas or input, or want to be involved in organizing, drop us a line. For information on past forums, check out the Forum Archive.

"As confidence in news media declines and any story someone doesn’t like is often called "fake news," we believe it's time for a public discussion of the media landscape. National surveys indicate that trust in news media credibility continues to decline and fewer people are accessing news. When they do, it's often from the echo chambers of social media, perpetuating their biases. Key politicians call journalists the "enemy of the people" and many of their constituents embrace the sentiment. We hope to consider a number of issues, including media ownership, the thinning line between news and opinion, and tools to help consumers become more media literate. Forum partners JWAC and UAS believe local discussions of these issues are the first step to a broader dialogue."

All of our speaker events are free and open to the public, so come on over, we'd love to see you.

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