Past JWAC events: 2017-2018 season 36

-Bringing the world to Juneau.

'Assessment of the Ocean’s Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Awareness and Conservation' with Dr. Carlos Yaipen-Llanos

Wednesday | September 20th | 5:00 | KTOO Studios: @360

Dr. Yaipen-Llanos is a marine veterinarian and founding President of the Organization for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals (ORCA) in Peru. He leads a marine animal stranding, rescue and rehabilitation network that links environmental-, animal- and public-health with climate change and human impacts. He trains international students that wish to develop a professional career in marine sciences and conservation.

He is member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy, observer for the International Whaling Commission, and member of the UNESCO International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange.

Dr. Yaipen-Llanos spoke speak about the effects of climate change in Peruvian waters and marine animals, and the devastation of coastal communities. He notes that assessment of the oceans' health is related to the measurement, monitoring and documentation of the cumulative effects of human impact upon the marine ecosystem (pollution, temperature changes, emerging diseases, intentional killings, over-fishing, illegal mining, seismic testing, etc.), and that cultural and values changes are necessary to bring a pro-sustainability conservation view over from the 'other side of the negotiation table.' ''This is a time of challenge and change, and also of opportunities and hope for humanity, a real awakening worldwide.''

360 North video: