JWAC's 2018-2019 Season #36:
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'A Personal View of the Southwest Border and the Current Refugee Situation' with KTOO alum Susan Fitzgerald

Friday | May 31st | 5:00 | KTOO Studios: @360

"After many months of volunteer work at the El Calvario Refugee Shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico I am glad to have the opportunity to share my experiences in a border community and my work with refugees. What I see on an almost daily basis will give you a closer look at the realities of the current situation, a situation made up of many moving and often contradictory aspects. Just as you cannot truly understand rural Alaska without having lived there, you cannot truly grasp the complexities of the border and the current flow of asylum seekers just by watching or listening to the mainstream media or by reading every significant article you can find."

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