JWAC World Affairs Forum

Along with WorldQuest, the annual World Affairs Forum is one of JWAC's cardinal events each year. A topic of international importance and particular relevance is chosen by the board with input from the Membership, and much effort goes into assembling a panel of experts to gather in Juneau and discuss the issue with us over a two-day period. This event is an excellent opportunity for the people of Southeast to meet and interact with chief thinkers and policy makers.

Recent forums:
Europe: Allies and Alliances in a Turbulent World (2017 [actually early 2018])
Refugees and Human Migration (2016)
The Politics of Water (2015)
Mexico and the US: Do Fences Make Good Neighbors? (2014)
Canada: Al-Can Summit - A Road Map (2013)
China in the 21st Century (2013)
The politics of Global Climate Change (2011)
Palestine: Revisiting and Updating the Status of Peace talks in the Middle East (2011)
Conflict Resolution (2010)
Middle East (2009)
South Asia (2008)
Latin America (2007)
Europe (2006)
Pacific Rim (2003)