World Affairs Forum 2015: The Politics of Water!

Additional Readings!

Some speakers have provided additonal readings for our benefit:

Vernon Scarborough: Thursday, October 22:
+The non-hierarchical development of complexity in the semitropics: water and cooperation - 2010
+Ancient Maya solutions to water and food insecurity: Low technology lessons for contemporary development - 2012
+How to interpret and ancient landscape - 2003

Richard Paisley: Friday, October 23:
+Transboundary Waters Governance Through the Prism of the Mekong River Basin
+Transboundary governance of the Nile River Basin: Past, present and future - 2013
+Beyond international water law: successfully negotiating mutual gains agreements for international watercourses - 2010

Edmund Andrews: Friday, October 23:
+Bibliography of suggested readings

Brett Walton: Friday, October 23:
+World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Global Risk - 2015
+Don’t Let Food Be the Problem: Producing too much food is what starves the planet. - 2015
+Slowly, With Earth Pushing Hard, A Confederacy Of Concern Develops - 2015

Along with WorldQuest, the annual World Affairs Forum is one of JWAC's cardinal events each year. A topic of international importance and particular relevance is chosen by the board with input from the Membership, and much effort goes into assembling a panel of experts to gather in Juneau and discuss the issue with us over a two-day period. This event is an excellent opportunity for the people of Southeast to meet and interact with chief thinkers and policy makers.